Customized portraits, bookcovers and paintings will always be made with love.

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Handpainted Brooding Soldier Print

21 x 30 cm

The Brooding Soldiers remembers the Canadian soldier who fought and died during the first Gas attack near Ypres in 1915.


Poppy Ring


Poppy Ring


Handmade Poppy Ring.

Each and every Poppy is handmade and therefore unique.

With a silver, adjustable ring.

The Poppies are made out of very light, strong clay.

The Poppy remembers every man and woman who fell in war, it remembers their story and is a forever call for peace.

'In Flanders fields the Poppies blow, between the crosses row on row"


Shell Shock


Shell Shock


Original charcoal drawing 85 x 85 cm.

Depicted here is a famous still of a soldier of the First World War.

Desperatley hiding in the mud of the trenches,

hunted by noise, fear, blood and to many dead.


Original pencil drawing 56 x 76 cm.

Inspired by the words found on a gravestone that said

'Into the mosaic of Victory was laid this precious piece'

Depicted here is the portrait of a seventeen year old German soldier who was lost in War.